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Help Us Find Justice for Brittany

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About the Case

On August 28, 2013, in the small town of Georgetown Ohio an event took place that would change the fabric of the community for years to come.  It was a mild summer day when the horrific murder of pregnant mother, Brittany Stykes, took place on a remote country road with little evidence left behind.  How is this possible?  Not only was Brittany shot multiple times, but her 18-month-old daughter Aubree was shot in the head while in the passenger seat.  Her vehicle was found deep in the woods with Brittany dead behind the wheel.  Today, her daughter, Aubree has fully recovered and is thriving.  She asks about her mother and what happened to her.  We want very much to be able to tell her what happened and why, so she and her family can begin to heal.


Seven years later, after 75+ interviews and around one million dollars spent on the investigation, the mystery of this double homicide still haunts this picturesque town in Ohio.  Somebody somewhere knows exactly what happened.  Somebody has spoken to someone about the events of this tragic day.  

The initial direction of this investigation led to her husband Shane Stykes, after numerous interviews and polygraphs, he was no longer considered a suspect.  However, attention seeking behavior from individuals who attempted to gain notoriety, or otherwise benefit from this tragedy have driven the investigation in numerous directions forcing investigators to chase down copious amounts of false leads, all of which have been investigated but none that have helped solve the case.

There were no shell casings left at the scene, there was no motive that could be found after a thorough victimology.  Where does that leave us?  Are there areas that have not been uncovered; are there connections that haven’t been unearthed yet?  It is going to take a group effort to solve this case.

About the Case

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Captain Justin Conley

Brown County Sheriff's Office

750 Mt. Orab Pike

Georgetown, OH 45121


We are going to help by getting the information about the murder out to the public and eventually reaching the person that knows what happened.  We will add all information about the case as it comes in.  When anything new breaks in the case we will make sure it gets out to as many people as we can reach.  We have contacts with the law enforcement agency of each one of the cases we are currently focusing on.

If you have any information related to this cased, please use one of the following forms to sumit case information either ANONYMOUSLY or submit incuding your contact information.

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