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Mortgage Foreclosures

This list is provided for informational purposes only.  The Brown County Sheriff’s Office assumes no liability for erroneous information.  Delinquent Tax Sales are conducted at the west door of the Common Pleas Courthouse on the square facing Main Street in Georgetown, Ohio on Mondays at 1:00PM.  Mortgage Foreclosure Sales are conducted online at

For the properties listed, an Order of Sale has been received, an exterior only appraisal has been performed and a sale date has been set. 

A sale may be cancelled at any time before the actual sale. 

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office does not give Legal Advice.


Questions regarding sale procedures can be directed to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office at 937-378-4435 ext. 103 or ext. 112

during the hours of Monday-Friday from 7:00AM-3:00PM.

Purchasers shall make sale deposits the day of sale as follows:

</= $10,000 = Deposit of $2,000

>$10,000 </+ $200,000 = Deposit of $5,000

>$200,000 = Deposit of $10,000

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