C Sheriff's Office Most Wanted
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Robert Roland
LKA: 1608 Queen City Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio

DOB: 09-07-1982
Wanted for
Passing Bad Checks


Timothy D’Hallecourt
LKA: Unk

DOB: 03-01-1966

Wanted for
Felonious Assault

Clifford Teegarden
P.O. Box 140
Dover, Ky.
DOB  8-8-62

Wanted for
Assault on Police Dog

Warren Kragler
10029 Bradysville Rd
Aberdeen, Ohio
DOB: 9-5-1985

Wanted for
Possession of Herion

Jason VanTielen
36A N. Front St.
Ripley, Ohio
DOB 10-19-82

Wanted for
FTA Domestic Violence

Robert Carter
LKA: 5430 Mt. Aire Rd.
Ripley, Ohio

DOB: 03-20-86

Wanted for

Brent Hunter
76 Stivers Rd.
Aberdeen, Ohio

DOB 11-24-66

Wanted for
Theft from Elderly / PV

Brandi McMullen
412 Broadway Street
Lynchburg, Ohio

Wanted for
Illegal Assembly/Possession

Deborah Spelman
5587 Planet Dr
Fairfield, Ohio

Wanted for

Kimberly Cornett
15913 Hile Rd.
  Mt. Orab, Ohio
DOB 10-14-66

Wanted for
FTA on Child Endangering / DUI

  PV      Probation Violation
FTA      Fail to Appear
RSP      Receiving Stolen Property
B & E   Breaking and Entering
AKA   Also Known As ( Alias )
DOB   Date of Birth
LKA   Last Known Address

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