Visitation Procedure


1. All inmates have set visitation times according to the cell they are     assigned to.

2. Male visitation days are on Sundays. Female visitation days are on     Wednesdays.

3. During the intake process into our facility each inmate approves     individuals who they will allow to visit them. Anyone under the age of     18 does not have to be listed on the Inmate Approved List.

4. All inmates are responsible to notify family and friends of their
    visitation times. Inmates who are indigent and cannot contact visitors     will receive paper and one stamped envelope to notify family and     friends with visitation information.

5. All visitors must be on the Inmates approves visitation list prior to the     visitation day. Any person not listed will not be permitted to visit.

6. All visitors are subject to search upon entering the facility.
    Visitors must show a Photo I.D., and sign the visitation book with     Name, Address, and any other info requested.


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