Information for Inmates and Visitors


Inmates are not permitted to posses money while incarcerated. For each inmate with money at the time of booking, or who receives money while incarcerated, an inmate account will be established. Inmates may use their account to order items from our commissary menu twice per week. Inmates are not permitted to obtain items by any     other means.

How to send money to an inmate. All funds must be in the form of a money order or certified check made payable to the inmate and sent via the US postal service. We do not accept cash or personal checks. Upon receipt of a money order or certified check, it will be credited to the inmates account.

Upon release, a check will be issued for any balance due the inmate. Checks are only issued during business hours of Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm. When an inmate is released outside business hours, a check will be mailed to the inmate.

Inmates are not permitted to release any funds from their account.


You may write to an inmate by addressing your letter to the inmate, c/o Brown County Sheriff's Office 750 Mt Orab Pike Georgetown Ohio 45121. All mail is opened and inspected for contraband by Detention Center staff prior to delivering it to the inmate. Any money orders or certified checks are removed and credited to the inmates account. All correspondence must be sent via the US Post Service.

Inmates are permitted to purchase paper, pencils and stamped envelopes through commissary to send mail. Any inmate determined to be indigent is permitted to receive one indigent package once a week. Each package contains a tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, three sheets of paper, ink pen and two stamped envelopes. A charge is placed against the inmates account and the amount collected should the inmate receive any funds  in the future.


The Brown County Sheriff's Office maintains four phones in each housing unit. The inmates have access to the phones to make collect calls to persons of their choice. Inmates may also purchase Inmate calling cards through commissary which allows the inmate to call directly without any charge to the person being called. No other types of calling cards are permitted. A computerized record is maintained of every phone call made and all phone calls are recorded. Incoming calls are not accepted nor are messages given to inmate to make calls.


The Brown County Sheriff's Office operates an inmate commissary from which inmates may order items that include hygiene items, candy, chips, snacks, stamped envelopes, power drinks, coffee, cards, board games and birthday cards. All commissary items must be ordered here. No outside items of any kind are permitted to be brought in.

We will take certain items as donation for use of all inmates. This includes paper back books and board games not sold on commissary. These must be approved by the jail administrator, new and sealed in the box and are subject to inspection. All donations become the property of the Brown County Sheriff's Office.


The Brown County Sheriff's Office provides all clothing to inmates including pants, shirt, underwear, socks and shoes. Inmates are prohibited from wearing personal clothing items during their incarceration.


We do not accept items for inmates to take to prison, items of any kind. Tobacco products will be destroyed upon receiving them.

All personal items must be picked up by a family/friend within five days of the date the inmate was transported to prison. Any items not picked up will be destroyed.


Brown County Ohio Sheriff's Office
Dwayne Wenninger Sheriff
750 Mt.Orab Pike
Georgetown, OH 45121
EMERGENCY DIAL 911 --- Sheriff's Office (937) 378-4435 --- Fax (937) 378-2039